Upcoming Paintball Games

Upcoming Paintball Games:

Splat Attack Paintball Big Game

Tentative Schedule
9:00 Doors Open
10:00 Games Start
1:00 Lunch Break
4:00 1 vs 1 tournament

Today is about the player so prices will be dropped
$10 rentals instead of $20
$50 per case of 2000 instead of $70
$15 per bag of 500 instead of $20
Yearly members will receive additional discount.
Talk to Seth about pricing.

*Games will be played with large group style where everyone plays together. Players of equal skill level will be separated as to create an equal playing field.

*Lunch will be provided but free will donations are accepted to help with costs*

*1 vs 1 tournament
$20 entry fee per player payed the day of the event
Semi Automatic 10 bps max
Hopper and a Pod paint limit per game
Double Elimination

Prizes for 1v1 event
**All entry fees will be paid back to top finishers**
*Amounts and winners depend on number of participants*

Join the Player Appreciation Big Game Facebook Event to stay up to date on all the information for the event!



For more information and updates on upcoming paintball games, check out our Facebook page.

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  1. Michael Fredrickson #

    I have a youth group that would like to come and play. Do you have any special upcoming events scheduled? Do you also have group rates?

  2. 2

    Michael, please call 605-351-8876 for reservations.

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