Paintball FAQ

This is paintball basics, paintball 101 if you will. This is a group of frequently asked questions, (FAQ’s) and hints about paintball.

IS IT SAFE? YES! Paintball is a very safe sport in fact you have a better chance getting hurt on a golf course than at a paintball field. But, like other sports you need the right equipment to keep you safe. Players must wear goggles/mask when on the playing field at all times. Just like a baseball catcher or a hockey goalie wears protective gear to keep from getting hurt; a paintball player must have their goggles on to be safe.

What is Paintball? Remember when you where kids, and you played cops and robbers? Remember the arguments of “Who got who?” Well, paintball is basically the same thing. Except now, the mark of a paintball pellet, decides who the best shot is.
Will it hurt getting hit by a paintball? Yes it can sting, at close range, however most hits do not hurt.

What’s the best strategy? HAVE FUN! This is a kids game, that is played to have fun. Yes it’s nice to win, but having FUN is better than winning). Have fun, try new things, and don’t be afraid to do something stupid sometimes. (I do it all the time.)

What should I wear? Always wear your mask on the field!
Loose clothing: Preferable something in an earthen color, dark green, brown or black. We also strongly suggest that men wear a protective cup. (Trust me on this one guys, OK)
Gloves: Plain cloth gloves work well, so do thin leather gloves. They should be the no fingertip type, otherwise it may interfere with firing the gun.
Sport shoes: (football, soccer, running). Do not wear “cowboy” or any other shoe that has a smooth sole. You can very easily slip and fall with them.
Remember to dress for the season. In the winter, wear multi layer clothes, have extra socks, warm shoes/boots, gloves and a stocking cap or some type of head wear. Snowboarding pants work really well for winter play. If you plan on playing in the winter, we STRONGLY recommend that you switch your gun over to compressed air. Many markers that will not work in the cold with CO2 work quite well with compressed air.
For the summer, wear light clothes. Heavy clothing, like sweatshirts do add some protection from paintballs, but they also make the body retain heat. Most people shed the heavy clothes only after a game or two. We also recommend that you bring a change of clothing. After a hot summer day of paintball, your clothes will more than likely be soaked with sweat. It makes for a more pleasant ride back with clean clothes. Remember to drink plenty of fluids. Also, bug repellent and sunscreen are very nice to have.
How long do you play? Until we can’t move anymore. Times vary, but we easily try to play at least four hours. We have played over ten hours on a summer day.

Can I bring my own gun? Yes, you are more than welcome to use your own equipment. But the marker must be shooting less than 300 feet per second.

Can I bring my own paint? Unfortunately No. It is Field Paint Only. This means that you must buy paint when you get here.

How old do you have to be to play? Our insurance will not allow any one younger than 10 to play. Also anyone under eighteen must have a waiver signed by their parents before they can play.


1: Bring a good attitude! This is only a game! Winning is not what’s important, having fun is! Plan on having a fun time and you will.

2: Don’t develop tunnel vision. Always look around, don’t concentrate just on one person or group. Keep your head moving around, check your back.

3. Don’t stand in the open. Move from cover to cover. As simple as it sounds, you would be surprised how many players stand in the open.

4. Talk to your teammates. Let each other know what’s going on.

5. Don’t take chances you don’t have to. Your part of a team, act like it.

6. Don’t be intimidated by the equipment of other player’s gun. The PLAYER makes the difference.

7. Don’t try to hit someone at a hundred yards. Most markers have an effective range of around forty yards. Trying to hit someone further than that is mostly luck. However…

8. Don’t dismiss luck.

9. Don’t bunch up. A group of people in a small area makes for a nice target.


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