Paintball Games

At Paint the Farm Paintball, we likes to keep things interesting. Most paintball games are based on ten, fifteen, or twenty minute time frames. Teams are usually drawn by cards. Players can ask to be put on the same side, but if the games are lopsided, teams are redrawn.

Diamond Field:

Our speed ball field. It’s larger than most speed ball fields, but it still fast and furious.

Spool Field:

Another speed ball type field. A variety of different sized spools and barrels make up this field for a elimination game format.

Center Flag:

A classic and the most often played. Grab the flag in the middle and take it to your the opposing teams base.

Capture the Flag:

The Classic, everybody knows it and loves it. Take the opposing teams flag and return it to your base to win!


Paintball up close & personal! There are 7 trailers on the field in a figure eight. All players start in one of the two “base” trailers. Then, who ever has control of both trailers at the end of fifteen minutes wins.


Defenders (Texans) can not leave Alamo.  Attackers (Mexicans) can not go east of the Alamo trailer (if playing the trailer version).

Sup-Air Field:

25 air filled bags. This is our smallest and fastest field. Usually set up for tournaments and special occasions.

Crater Field:

Just a small variant of a center flag game with trenches and a crater in the middle of the field. The twist here is the flag in in center of a crater. You have to go up and over the crater to get the flag. Then up and over to get it out of the crater, and on to your opponents flag station. (Length of game either 10 or 15 minutes.)


A variant of “hide and go seek”, several “mutants” go out and hide and the “humans” try to find them. Once the game has started, any “human” hit, is then turned into a “mutant”. They then take off their armbands, have five seconds to find cover, they then start to attack the humans. If they are hit again, they are eliminated from the game.The “mutants” that started the game, need only to be hit once to be eliminated. Whoever has more players at the end of the game wins. (Length of game 15 or 20 minutes)


An elimination game, with a few twists. Each team has a “President”, eliminating him ends the game. And just to keep it interesting, one of the players on your team is actually working for the other side. Who is it? Only the traitor knows. (Length of game 15 or 20 minutes)

Kill Kenny:

Kenny starts in the green fort.  You must get him into South Park (Stalingrad trailers located on north side of field).

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