Paintball Prices


Field and Rental Fees:

Basic Equipment and Paint Package: $40

Basic Package Includes:  Gun, CO2/compressed air (for the day), face mask, and barrel bag, and bag of 500 paintballs.

Your own equipment     $5.00

C02 fills:     $5.00 per fill up to 20 oz
$7.00 per fill for anything over 20 oz


Tippmann/F-4 = $20.00

Auto-Mag = $25.00



Violators may be asked to leave.

All Bags are 500 rounds. All Cases are 2000 rounds.

$20 per bag of 500 rounds

$80 per case of 2000 rounds

Remember if you buy a yearly fee/season pass you will get $5 off each bag or $20 off per case.

Concessions Available

Gatorade –   $2.00

Monster –   $3.00

Water – $1.00

Pop –   $1.00

Candy – $1.00

Chips – $1.00

Yearly Fees (Season Pass)

Paintball Pricing – $50.00 for the year ending December 31 of that year.

If you love the game of paintball, but want to save some money, try the yearly fee. It is $50.00 for the year. That is the only field fee that you pay for the rest of the year!  But that’s not all, we also knock $5.00 off any bag of paint and $20.00 off any case of paint. (The yearly fee does not include tournaments and our yearly “Farm Wars” big game)

If you buy the yearly fee for $50.00 that means you pay no field fees for the rest of the year.

That means:

(If you have your own equipment) Plus if you count that we knock off $5.00 on every bag or $20.00 on every case, for the rest of the year and the $5.00 field fee to use your own equipment is gone. It is actually relatively cheap to come play.


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